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Venkatesh traders is turmeric comapny, established in 1975 which is located in market yard sangli.our products are turmeric(whole by powder),turmeric finger,turmeric powder,turmeric for extraction,indian raison, all types of raison,maize and corn grid.

The trail of spices are endless as the desire to satisfy one's appetite. The global demand for spices and prospective business opportunities for spice merchants and manufacturers have multiplied in the recent years.

India is a land that abounds in variety and diversity. Variety in its spice and diverse in its culinary repertoire. The heritage of India's multicolored palette is really a heritage of spice. Since ancient times India has been and still is the treasure trove for spice lovers and spice merchants. Ask the ancient mariners where to find spice and they'd come sailing towards the Indian seas. Turmeric, pepper, cardamom, saffron, chilly, nutmeg, cinnamon,cummin....etc.



The rhizome or underground root has a rough, segmented , light brownish skin with a bright orange flesh inside. It consists of a thick part and several stubby 'figures'. These yield the best quality turmeric.


Turmeric is dried for export, during which time it loses about 75% of its original weight.


Mostly used and sold in this form. 'Turmeric's colour indicates its quality. The deeper the pigmentation, the better the spike.


The rhizomes grow best in a hot,moist climate. India is the main producer of turmeric. Other major producers include Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, South America and Caribbean.

Aroma and taste

Lightly aromatic, turmeric smells peppery and fresh with a hint of orange and ginger. It tastes pungent, bitter and musky by itself but adds great flavour when mixed with other ingredients.


Dried turmeric is ground to a brilliant yellow powder that is not only colourful but has a pungent warm earthy aroma and taste, reminiscent of an Indian bazaar, it is rarely available fresh, but may be bought dried or ground. It should be stored only in air-tight container free from light , since it will lose its flavour.Turmeric should be handled carefully because it will stain clothes and fingers.

Vision &Mission

To be a globally respected organization providing products by using our best technology and best service.

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